Philippine Weekend 2014

Philippine Weekend Schedule
Hello Everyone,
This weekend, July 25-27, 2014, we attended the Filipino Festival in Delano, CA called Philippine Weekend. We had a booth set up to promote our company.
Here's our humble little booth:
Our Booth at Philippine Weekend 2014

Philippine Weekend is an annual tradition in Delano, CA since 1975. It is a meeting of Filipinos and friends of all cultures coming together to share Filipino culture, have fun in recreational events, and bring people closer together. Philippine Weekend have an annual attendance of 5000-7000+ people. This year, the event was held in Cecil Avenue Park.

This years events include a beauty pageant, adobo cook-off, parade, basketball tournament, traditional tribal/folk dances, singing and dancing contests, bingo, a screening of the film "Delano Manongs - Forgotten Heroes of the United Farm Workers Movement", and fireworks.

The video includes up to the Tribal/Folk Dances, it starts around the 20 minute mark. I apologize for the shaky camera. Enjoy!

For more information about Philippine Weekend, please visit: