Gentle Care Hospice provides comfortable moments in a patient's life by providing professional care (physicians, nurses, social worker, chaplain, dietitian, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and volunteer) and setting up a plan of care that meets family needs spiritually and emotionally.

What does a volunteer do?

A volunteer is someone who helps and provides support to patient's own life as well as their families in the transition of facing the patient's terminal illness either in their home, or in an assisted or convalescent facility.

A volunteer will give some aspect of personal freedom to the caregiver as well as the family who are in much need of rest as well as to give them time to do their own personal errands. For some patients, you maybe the last friend they would ever have. You can make a real difference on someone's life by simply giving 4 hours of your time a week.

A volunteer can provide direct patient care by:

-By listening

-Sharing stories

-Praying with the patient/family

-Sitting with them

-Reading a book/paper

-Talking to them

-Teaching or demonstrating comfort measures

A volunteer can provide indirect patient care by:

-Performing clerical duties

-Answering phones

If interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact Lynn Sokolow, our volunteer coordinator, at (818) 610-7618 or you may also fill out the form below.

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